Mariam Ahmed

My name is Mariam Ahmed and I am an Egyptian-American. I am a junior in Academy of American Studies, located in Queens. I love science because it drives my curiosity about the world; encouraging me to ask “why” and “how” about everything. Science allows me to learn more about the world around us and how everything is somehow connected. When I am in a science class, my eyes get opened up to new information, sparking lots of interest in the small details of the world. I love learning new information which is why I love science, there is always something new to discover. I am very excited about SMRI because it is my first endeavor working with a research student in a real laboratory. SMRI will help expand my knowledge on how research experiments are made and the role of a researcher in society. I expect to challenge myself and learn more about biology and STEM. SMRI will help introduce me to the medical field which will help me in the future because I hope to become a pediatrician.