Tracy Preko

My love for science started in 9th grade when I gained the opportunity to participate in a summer research project at Mount Sinai. From that moment forward, I knew that research was what I wanted to do. When I heard about another research opportunity at Columbia, I knew I had to be a part of it. It was one of the most enrichening experience for me. My research consisted of looking at the effects of different drugs on drosophila's sleep. With mentoring from Vanessa, a graduate student who attends Columbia, I was able to conclusions on how drugs like coffee, gaboxadol, and melatonin, can affect sleep in humans. Through the research, I came to the same conclusions as many scientists did for drugs like coffee and gaboxadol, but when it came to melatonin, I learned that fruit flies lack a circadian clock, which is necessary for melatonin to work.